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CeeCreations 1:6 Custom Figures & More

1:6 Custom Figures


Thanks for your comments !!

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David Tucker Chris Elizondo

2:19 AM on April 30, 2019

Check out our Facebook page and see all the great comments !

12:57 PM on February 18, 2016 

From Roy on Ritchie Blackmore Figure :

thanks for the hard work in creating my guitar hero

12:45 PM on February 18, 2016 

From Luigi on Andrew Ryan figure of Bioshock:

Today, I received your work, very happy for the final result; I hope to see you, next year, for another project!

12:41 PM on February 18, 2016 

From Vince Mar 2015:

penniwise looks really good, as soon as i can i will contact you as i would like to get the rob zombie hobo myers.

12:39 PM on February 18, 2016 

from Amber on a Steven Tyler figure:

Got it! Love it!!

Feb 2014

12:38 PM on February 18, 2016

From customer reference Jeff Dunn figure : Hi, got the figure today! Looks awesome!!! I'll want to do another soon, maybe in a week or so..

Thanks again!


12:45 AM on May 29, 2014

From longtime customer in Houston:

"The figure came in and it looks great. The head sculpt and hair are some of your best.My collection is officially done. And I have to say it is awesome.Thanks again for all of your hard work"

2:18 AM on May 1, 2013

Heather, first we want to say thank God your husband is home, safely & we thank him for his service and you and the family, for your sacrifice. We here are so happy that you all still have the figures and that you still like them so much.Can't believe 4 yrs have passed.Enjoy your life, Heather, now that your husband is there with you.Take care...

8:42 PM on April 30, 2013

Chris. In 2009 you made Marine action figures for my children of their dad. I found the emails you sent updating me on the progress of the figures. I wanted to let you know all these years later we have these figures! I cannot thank you enough for the time you put into making these figures they are perfect! Thank you! Oh and my husband returned safely to us! Thanks again!!!

Cynthia M

3:13 PM on June 23, 2012

I just wanted to thank you Chris and your staff for once again making another dream character come true again. Outstanding work for my Leonard guy. I am so happy and for all your kind communication back and forth in letting me know how everything is going with his progress. I can't thank you enough for all of your talents there. You are all great! Thank you once again! A very happy customer!

Cynthia M

8:30 PM on June 11, 2012

You wow me once again! So happy with my 3rd figure. You do outstanding work on all the characters I gave you including my very own hubby! He is impressed. Anybody wanting something unique for a present you have got to do it here. They will impress you with their talents. Thanks Chris for taking excellent care of me in great communication and constant feedback how the figure is doing from beginning to end.

Cynthia M

10:07 PM on May 25, 2012

Hi again Chris and fellow artist! I received my hubby figure and looks so great. After you did my last character how can I be disappointed at all! You all are true artists and made dreams come true. I truly appreciate all of your talents and thank you for having this business available for people seeking such dreams to appear in your creations. Awesome if what I want to say once again.

Cynthia M

7:25 PM on February 9, 2012

I received my amazing figure a little while ago and I wanted to say thank you again to the people of CeeCreations for my dream come true! They gave me constant feedback throughout the process and show me photos how it coming along, very caring company indeed! They have the talent indeed to create your dream. Thanks Chris and all involved!

2:15 PM on December 8, 2010

what amazing figures i love your work keep it up :)

9:03 PM on March 31, 2010


7:33 PM on December 1, 2009

For the happiness you have brought to my family , I cannot thank you enough Your work is nothing short of amazing. I cannot express my gratitude enough THANK YOU for all that you have done... God Bless You... and everything that you do...


8:58 PM on November 18, 2009

We just got the two Jasons from Part 8 and they are wonderful. They are as good as any Sideshow and they are an awesome addition to our collections. We will definitely be doing business with you guys again real soon. Thanks so much for the awesome work & the fast delivery.

asian girl

12:45 PM on February 18, 2016

From Luigi on Andrew Ryan figure of Bioshock:

Today, I received your work, very happy for the final result; I hope to see you, next year, for another project!


Anton Jansen says...


I have just recieved my jason voorhees 2009 figure and he looks great!

These guys did an amazing job!He was worth the wait!thanks again!

Sorry for the wait, but Belgium is a long way from Texas. Glad you like him !!

Anton Jansen

3:16 PM on May 18, 2009


I have just recieved my jason voorhees 2009 figure and he looks great!

These guys did an amazing job!He was worth the wait!thanks again!

Ben & Abby

10:58 PM on April 2, 2009

Now thats' a talent no other has,your creation are one of a kind,and dam good if we say so.m Keep up the good work..Take care n God Bless you

Phil and Luella

3:57 PM on April 1, 2009

It was a pleasure meeting you and getting to see your works of art.

Best of luck to you.


11:28 PM on March 2, 2009

These guys are great....I'm so happy with the work they did for me!

The shipping to Canada was amazingly fast, and very professionally packaged.

As they say on eBay A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

jenn and charlie

1:40 PM on November 30, 2008

incredible, authentic and highly detailed we admire your work

Sylvain Allaire

7:36 PM on November 10, 2008

Hello CeeCreations!!!I'm truly in love with my Ozzy Osbourne figure!!!!I really appreciate to have this unique piece!It's my favorite figure!Thanks again!! Sylvain.

Sylvain Allaire

4:46 PM on October 8, 2008

I received today a Ozzy Osbourne Custom figure made by CeeCreations!!And I want to to say to all the future buyer that this transaction was a real pleasure,the best experience on ebay in 5 years.Top Shape.A


4:14 PM on September 15, 2008

I commissioned the Aerosmith figures and I just have to say that I am BEYOND SATISFIED!!! CeeCreations are great people,do great work, have great communication. Do not hesitate to ask, they can do it all!! Thank you so very much and really hope to do business again sometime!!!


4:04 PM on September 10, 2008

hi. normally i don't like hulk reworks. however this is probably the hottest one i've seen. nice job!

Santino Miguel

12:44 AM on August 20, 2008


C.W. Ward

9:30 PM on July 30, 2008

U guys r the best out there, even rivaling sideshow. Look 4 more projects from me!!!


10:33 AM on July 22, 2008



11:25 PM on July 16, 2008

Ref: Custom Joker

Hi, I just wanted to compliment you on a nice custom job! Looks great! From one artist to another, how did you pull off that hair? It's very accurate! Anyways, best of luck! Hope you make a small fortune! Regards -Kurt

super dave

9:15 PM on July 10, 2008

well,all look great,especially the 12 inch figures.i already had a joker figure commissioned for my collection and will definately get more.keep up the great work.